How we work

We want you to feel good about going to the dentist.

When you commit to regular check-ups, you prevent minor problems turning into major ones. Best of all, having a healthy mouth – and smile that looks great – can give you a real boost. When your oral health is good, it has flow-on benefits  for everything from your social confidence to your general health.

Putting you first

We build long-term relationships with our patients by earning their trust and forming real partnerships.

When you’re at East St Kilda Dental, you can rest assured that we will always put your interests first by:

  • Making sure we understand your priorities. People have very different needs and preferences. Some are driven by budget, while others focus on cosmetic outcomes. We ask the right questions to help you articulate your personal priorities.
  • Taking the time to explain all your options. It’s difficult to make decisions about your treatment when you don’t understand every possible course of action. We ensure you understand the full range of treatment options – and their implications – so you can make informed decisions about your teeth. We also provide written treatment plans and cost estimates up front to minimise surprises.
  • Acting in your best interests at all times. We will never try to sell you an unnecessarily expensive solution; nor will we undertake work that we believe could be better performed by a specialist.
  • Respecting your rights. We will always get your full consent before undertaking any treatment, and keep you fully informed of what we’re about to do.
  • Practising gentle dentistry. Many people experience dental anxiety, which means that they compromise their health by avoiding dental treatment. We practise what’s known as ‘gentle dentistry’ – which includes offering Nitrous Oxide – to help all our patients have a relaxed experience. We also offer sleep dentistry for patients suffering extreme dental anxiety.
  • Upholding the highest standards of professionalism. We will always be completely honest about our skills and experience, and will only undertake work which we are extremely well equipped to perform. We follow the rules put forth by the ADA and AHPRA, and support and promote the development of our profession. We respect your privacy by adhering to privacy laws as well as our own Privacy Policy.
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