Edmund Goldman

Dr Edmund Goldman

Our team is led by Dr. Eddy Goldman. He is a Melbourne University graduate who has a Master of Dental Science degree in Crown and Bridge Prosthodontics. He deals with general dental matters and has a particular interest in reconstructive procedures including implant-based tooth replacement and cosmetic upgrades. His qualifications include a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis. He is a member of the Australian Dental Association.

Dr Debbie Bloom dentist


Debbie has been an Associate Dentist for over 10 years. She started her career in the UK, and joined East St Kilda Dental in 2006. She has two kids and our younger patients adore her!

Dr Sharonne Zaks dentist

Dr Sharonne Zaks

Sharonne has been with us for over 10 years. She's warm and bubbly, as well as being meticulous in her work. She's a talented musician and plays a number of instruments and is involved with two bands.

Daniel Maydelman dentist Melbourne


Daniel is the newest member of our team. He's a keen traveller, who enjoys exploring the world's hidden treasures. He is fascinated by the way dentistry is practised around the world. If you ask him, he'll tell you about the surprising things that are used as dental tools in other countries! Of a weekend you'll find Daniel hiking, running or biking. He certainly earns his  frequent 'lattes' (without sugar, of course). 



We've been lucky to have Carolynne as our Practice Manager for over 17 years now. Carolynne also does double duty on our reception desk. She has a degree in psychology and communication, which might explain how she manages to keep the practice running smoothly while also making our patients feel welcome.




Our hygienists, Bev and Michelle (left to right) are both extremely experienced hygienists, and qualified to take X-rays. They can administer nitrous oxide and local anesthetic as required for cleaning and scaling. They also provide every patient with a tailored home-care program.


bianca (FRONT DESK)

Bianca is on Reception and is usually the one who greets you when you phone. She is presently on maternity leave

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Irina has been with the practice for over 10 years. She loves meeting and working with our patients, and has adopted Dr Goldman's belief that 'we treat people, not teeth'. Irina has lived in three countries and speaks four languages. She has a degree in speech pathology and a diploma of dentistry.



daniel (chairside assistant and

Daniel has been with us for over 15 years. Our patients appreciate his soothing calmness, and our dentists respect his professionalism. Daniel owns several dogs and will show you photos of them if you're a fellow 'dog person'!